What’s on the plate. . .


“Specific instructional or real-world events will trigger particular responses, but the learner must believe that the knowledge is useful in a given situation before he will activate it” (Ertmer & Newby, 1993).

My goal for this blog is to create a location for new instructional designers, like myself, who want to expand their palates and find out who and what is cooking in our field. So let’s get started!  Pick up a plate and check out the archive blog menu to the right.


4 thoughts on “What’s on the plate. . .

  1. Mary,

    I am so impressed with what you have done with this blog so quickly. You have a start page, an archive of entries and a bio. The style is clean and it is sooooo… easy to navigate. Great job. I am anxious to check out your links. I’ll be back soon to post my feedback on your links.

    Kathleen Mirin

    P.S. Check out my modest publishing at http://betterblendedinstruction.wordpress.com.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Glad I found a classmates blog post. You are very skills at creating blogs. I am very challenged! I will look for pointers from the class!

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